Lazarus' Saturday by 18th times

The 18th children festival “Lazarus’ Saturaday on Stolice” is held on Saturday, 23 April in the organization of Tourist organization of the municipality of Krupanj, “Politika” Library and Brštica Residents’ Community.  Cultural and artistic associations from Krupanj and municipalities in the surroundings participate in the manifestation.  

 The march-past of participants is predicted for Friday, 22 April in the evening’s hours on the pedestrian zone in front of the church of Krupanj.  The program starts in Cvetinović ethno house in Banjevac at 10h.  The manifestations participants present themselves with commemorative games at noon in the centre of Krupanj. The central event is also this year in Stolice within the historical complex.  Numerous guests and participants form surrounding towns are announced and they present with their folklore skills. This event gathers every year more and more visitors and participants with dance and song and primarily good friendship. Interesting prizes are provided for competitors in singing, reciting and dancing with help of the municipality of Krupanj and many friends. Visit this manifestation and spend a nice Lazarus’ Saturday in Rađevina. Long year tradition is guarantee for this.