Hunting association “Krupanj” with the seat in Krupanj, manages hunting ground “Jagodnja” whose surface is 31. 282 ha of which hunting area compreise of 27.638 ha. The association has 366 active members.

Constant reared species of game in hunting ground “Jagodnj” are roe deer, wild boar, rabbit, pheasant, and grey partridge.
the hunting ground has in function the following hunting facilities: 6 stable shooting stands, 10 tree shooting stands, 9 feeding-places for roe deer, 35 feeding-places for pheasants and partridges, 40 salt-licks and hospice for baby pheasants and it is 0,5 ha.

The association possesses a fenced part of the hunting area at the surface of 0,5 ha and 0,24 ha of the land.

Administrative and professional service has a manager of the hunting area – qualified person and a game warden who are helped by 8 game wardens volunteers in hunting clubs.
Hunting tourism is not developed.

The museum of hunting which is in the church park Dobri potok comprises remarkably big and interesting collection of objects and stuffed animals found and hunted at the area of Rađevina.

Address of the hunting association "Крупањ":
15314 Krupanj, street Luke Stevića nn
Phone: +381 (0)15/581-762