The church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary is 1km to the north from Krupanj and it is one of the oldest churches in Podrinje. Origin of the church is related to the XII century and brothers Jugović, but the first written momento is in the XVI century, 1528 in Turkish account books.

The church is located in a scenic nook of the nature below hundred years old trunks of lindens protected by the law. The beauty of the church emphasizes wooden roof of dry oak and old icons that are work of Russian and across Danube masters. There is a bell tower above the church, and a church home is in front of the church. On the downstairs of the church home, there is a dining hall, and there is a museum of rural and urban interior from the XIX century on the upstairs. The churchyard with its surroundings constitute arranged ethno complex with different contents: uncovered and covered dining-tables for rest, a museum of haunting with animal species from Rađevina, an ethno museum, a memorial drinking fountain “Braće Jugovića“ and memorials of famous people of this region. In immediate adjacency of teh complex, there is the oldest cementry of Krupanj (circa 500 years) with unusual tombstones built of tufa and limestone.

The church is by an order of the Ministry if culture declared to be fixed cultural property. At the church of Dobri potok, a traditional fair for Saint Apostles Peter and Paul (12 July) is held, non which a traditional manifestation – Competing for ducat is held. Telephone contact of the church in Dobri potok – priest Aleksandar Đurđev: 015 582 392; 015 581 940.